How To Refill Your Reed Diffuser

Following countless requests from visitors at our shows, we are happy to announce the long awaited launch of our Reed Diffuser Refills!

Available in all of our reed diffuser fragrances, our refills allow you to switch and change your fragrances without the need to replace your diffuser bottle. These are also a great option if you have your own decorative diffuser or glass bottle.

Follow just a few simple steps to fill your old diffuser bottle with your favourite fragrance that will last 6-9 months!

When you’re ready to refill your reed diffuser, discard the old reeds and unscrew the wooden cap. Place the wooden cap somewhere safe – you’ll need it again when you’ve added your new fragrance oil!

With the bottle empty, wash it out thoroughly and allow it to completely dry for 48 hours.

Once dry, place the bottle on a non-porous surface (such as a kitchen worktop or glass table) and insert the funnel supplied with your refill into your diffuser bottle.

Remove the plastic cap from your refill bottle and use the funnel to carefully pour the fragrance oil into the bottle. Remove the funnel and replace the wooden cap on the bottle, making sure to clean any spills from the bottle and surfaces.

Each time you refill your diffuser, you should also replace your reeds to make sure you get the most out of your new fragrance. Insert new reeds into your diffuser, splay and enjoy the beautiful fragrance of your refilled diffuser.

Please be sure to recycle the plastic bottle, cap and funnel from your diffuser refill!

Make The Most Of Your Festive Diffusers

Our luxury reed diffusers generally last for 6-9 months depending on how strong a fragrance you like in your home – whilst this is perfect for most of our diffusers, we understand that you probably don’t want festive fragrances in your home for this long! 

Most people don’t realise that you can store your diffusers when they become ‘out of season’. 

By following just a few simple steps, you can make your favourite christmas reed diffusers last up to 3 years!

When you’re ready to use your new, festive reed diffuser, unscrew the wooden cap and prise off the plastic stopper. Place the stopper in a large, airtight, ziplock bag and replace the wooden cap on the bottle. 

Make sure you keep the stopper safe and somewhere you’ll remember. You’ll be needing it again after Christmas!  

Insert the reeds into your diffuser bottle, splay and enjoy the beautiful fragrance of your Christmas diffuser.

After Christmas, find the ziplock bag where you stored the bottle’s plastic stopper, remove the stopper from the bag and replace with the reeds from your diffuser bottle. Make sure you seal the bag so that it is airtight.

If you can’t find the bag then do not panic! Just contact us and we’ll send a new stopper out via first class post.

Unscrew wooden cap from your diffuser bottle, insert plastic stopper and replace wooden cap. 

Store your sealed diffuser bottle and reeds with your Christmas decorations ready to enjoy again next year!